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Criminal Forensic Studies Degree Review: Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers (USA):

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Forensic Studies:

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Forensic Studies provides students with the skills requisite to the investigation of criminal offenses and the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of criminal offenders. This curriculum integrates the theoretical perspectives of different disciplines pertaining to deviant and criminal behavior with the practice of identification, procurement, and presentation of evidence resulting from criminal activity.

This program builds upon a solid liberal arts core to achieve a balanced criminal justice perspective, which includes an emphasis upon the victim, the offender, the criminal justice system, and society. Recognizing the multidisciplinary nature of Forensics, this curriculum blends crime scene analysis, laboratory analysis, behavioral analysis, and constitutional criminal law. The program’s objective is to develop a sound educational foundation for graduate work or professional practice at the bachelor’s level. It is designed as a scholar/practitioner curriculum providing students with advanced levels of knowledge in criminal investigation, thus increasing the employment potential for the graduates of this degree.

Typical Study Areas

  • Criminal Justice Systems and Processes

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Theories of Criminal Behavior

  • Introduction to Criminalistics

  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice

  • Interview and Interrogation

  • Constitutional Criminal Law

  • Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

  • Advanced Criminalistics

  • Advanced Forensic Psychology

  • Forensic Anthropology

  • Introduction to Forensic Science

  • Forensic Microscopy

  • Other Information

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