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Psychology and Law Graduate Degree Review

Univesity of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (USA):

ph.D Psychology & Law:

The Psychology-Law concentration started in 1970 as a program in Correctional Psychology. As general academic knowledge and professional applications broadened to many psychological applications to legal issues, the concentration became defined as Psychology-Law. The concentration is seated fully within clinical psychology. The faculty members are all licensed clinical psychologists and all graduate students received their core training in clinical psychology.

The Psychology-Law concentration draws on three interrelated components. First, all students have educational experiences in clinical-forensic psychology, which encompasses the criminal and civil issues of competencies, mental state at time of offense, mitigation in sentencing, personal injury assessments, witness preparation, jury selection, delinquency, and psychology in correctional settings. Second, students develop their own related research programs in conjunction with a mentor. Third, supervised practional applications are developed on these topics.

Typical Study Areas

All graduate students complete the General Psychology Core, the Research Skills Core, a master's thesis and a doctoral dissertation. In addition, students in the Psychology & Law concentration also attend a weekly proseminar and complete advanced coursework as indicated below.

General Psychology Core

  • Cognition and Learning

  • Physiological Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Life-Span Developmental Psychology

  • Advanced Social Psychology

  • Teaching of Psychology

  • History and Systems if not taken as an undergraduate

  • Research Skills Core

  • Research Methods in Psychology

  • Advanced Statistics I

  • Advanced Statistics II

  • Multivariate Methods of Analysis, Psychometrics,Structural Equation Modeling, or approved alternative

  • Advanced Coursework in Psychology & Law

  • Psychological Assessment II or Psychological Assessment III

  • Correctional Psychology

  • Forensic Assessment

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Practicum in Psychology VII

  • Thesis and Dissertation Hours

  • Thesis research (6 hours)

  • Dissertation research (24 hours)

  • Other Information

    Course Coordinator

    Dr.Stan Brodsky, e-mail: sbrodsky@bama.ua.edu

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