Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Forensic Psychology Research Collection

Forensic Psychology

A forensic psychology research collection has just opened at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Downtown LA Campus).

The Garner collection - named in memory of Kenneth Garner, the late (LAPD) Deputy Chief includes books, online periodicals and peer-reviewed journals, DVDs, access to academic research papers, and Internet-based research tools focused on the application of forensic psychology theories, principles, and evidence-based practices in law enforcement.

The collection is available free of charge to local and regional criminal justice agencies and organizations including LAPD, CDCR, the Mayor’s office, and community and faith-based organizations involved in local parolee reentry projects.

If you would like to visit and use the Garner Collection, call 213-615-7200 in advance and speak with the librarian.

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Forensic Psychology Research Collection

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