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Forensic Psychology: Profiling Serial Killers, Limitations of The FBI Approach (update)

Forensic Psychology

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The best thing about writing a forensic psychology blog is that I get to learn new things all the time, particularly when visitors post comments. One such comment was recently left in repsonse to a post I did last year on the limitations of the FBI approach to profiling serial killers.

The original post was prompted by The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, who during their annual meeting held a panel discussion entitled 'Serial Killers: From Cradle to Grave' which addressed the perceived limitations of FBI profiles.

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The comment left in repsonse to this forensic psychology post notes that South Africa has the unfortunate distinction of being right up there with the USA and Russia when it comes to serial killers. The poster notes that the FBI model doesn't quite work and goes on to mention one the countries leading profilers.

"Micki Pistorius who has a doctorate in psychology, spent six years as a profiler with the South African Police Service. As head of their investigative psychology unit, she was involved in more than thirty serial killer cases and participated in the training of nearly two hundred detectives in the investigation of serial homicides. Catch Me A Killer and Strangers on the Street are two of her books about serial homicide in South Africa"

I must confess that I hadn't heard of Micki Pistorius but I intend to find out more, not least because it provides an ideal opportunity to understand and evaluate criminal profiling in a new context.

Books By Micki Pistorius

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Forensic Psychology: Profiling Serial Killers, Limitations of The FBI Approach (update)

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Den Relojo said...

I just finished reading Micki Pistorious' Catch Me a Killer. It was a thorough account of her encounters with serial killers in South Africa. Anyone who is riveted with such a genre will surely love the book.